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We feature coal burning stoves and fireplace inserts which can save you time and money! 

  • Coal-burning fireplace can be custom built to fit your existing hearth.
  • Not all our stoves require a chimney with new Power Vent Technology chimneys are not necessary.
  • Hard anthracite burns clean with increased BTUs at a lower cost.

Hitzer Model354

Learn more about the new stoves & technology that makes using anthracite coal not only the preferred affordable alternative heat, but also how it is home-owner friendly. Our main service area includes mid-Michigan counties and cities such as Williamston, Howell, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Durand, Davidson, Flint, Fowlerville,  Haslett, Webberville, Owosso, Mason, East Lansing and Michigan’s capital city of Lansing.

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We carry Hitzer, the leading brand name of coal & wood burning stoves and accessories.

  • Electric Coal Stoves
  • Non-Electric Coal Stoves
  • Multi-Fuel Coal & Wood Stoves
  • Free Standing Stoves
  • Furnaces
  • Fire Place Inserts
  • Accessories

We also carry premium coal from the Blaschak Coal Company of Pennsylvania. Our coal is hard anthracite, known as the ‘clean’ burning coal. It comes in easy to handle, waterproof 40 pound bags, just like water softener pellets. Unlike corn or wood pellets, coal is not harmed by moisture nor does it attract mice and rodents. Coal can be stored inside or out.

Dan enjoys his new coal stove to keep him warm and his costs down.

Dan enjoys his new coal stove to keep him warm and his costs down.

At Acorn Stove Company we are proud to say all of our stoves have been thoroughly researched and are made in the USA. When you buy American, we all benefit!

Call us now at (517) 204-2451